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IAConnects Technology Limited

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IAConnects Technology Limited
Chiltern House
Station Rd
United Kingdom
+44 1491 845505

IAconnects Technology Limited (iaconnects or IA) is a world leader in IoT solutions delivering sustainability, energy efficiency and wellbeing.

IAconnects combines hardware, project and software solutions to provide a single platform that integrates all technologies, protocols and device suppliers. 

Using MobiusFlow, a containerised software and communications protocol that can be deployed on the edge or in the cloud on any hardware which, using MobiusFlow protocol connectors, can securely connect and standardise data of any sensors or systems to any other software application also deployed at the edge or in the cloud. 

This enables single use case proof of value projects to expand and incorporate different added value sensor data, e.g. Smart office occupancy sensing can incorporate energy monitoring and / or air quality sensor data to the same infrastructure that captures that data adding more value at very little extra cost.  

IAconnects has over 20 years experience of deploying intelligent control systems using open standards, providing a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of both open standards and control systems put them in the unique position to develop this solution.