How did it start?

Our vision

Our vision started over 17 years ago as commissioning solution to help our engineers install efficiently, quickly, reliably and securely. In turn we could take on more projects, reduce costs and offer a wider range of solutions.

You can watch our vision in the adjacent video or watch it on YouTube via the link below. 

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Why was it built?

Built from the inside out.

With a lack of reliable solutions to help us, we started to build our own scalable system which evolved over time with a better user experience, better handling of code, and a better way of organising the way a building flowed digitally. Commissioning a wide range of devices became easier and we could pick the best products for the job rather than be limited to a specific protocol or system. Developed by our engineers with first-hand experience in project management and installation, MobiusFlow has been successfully deployed in many projects. 

Our History Timeline

Who is it for?

Built to help installation engineers

Initially, the system was built internally to help our engineers on site to commission lighting control systems and install asset monitoring projects. It soon became apparent that there was a distinct need for a system to connect all the devices or 'things' to visualisation software and control systems locally or in the cloud. This middleware eventually evolved into what we now know as MobiusF​low. 


Is it easy to use?

Easily deployable and scalable

The aim was an easily deployable software platform to provide commissioning, control, and connection of sensors and building control devices, regardless of protocol or sensor type, to send and receive curated or normalised data to and from applications in the cloud, as well as local services such as third-party analytics, visualisation tools, dashboards and control systems. 

How it works

Why become an approved reseller?

Expanding globally

We are now building a network of trained system integrators and solution providers globally to benefit from this system, expand your product offering and increase revenue by providing complete solutions for new customers and your existing users.

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