Features and Benefits.

Improve efficiencies, reduce downtime, cut costs using MobiusFlow.

What are the benefits?

Features and Benefits of using MobiusFlow

The MobiusFlow ecosystem evolves based on customer requirements and runs a library of standard and customer specific code (or nodes) to allow connectivity of an ever increasing number of sensors, control systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, office work flows (including people sensors and door entry systems), retail outlets and manufacturing monitoring equipment, to name but a few.

The list below gives an overview of the main technical aspects. For an in-depth view of MobiusFlow we have a technical website documenting what is 'under the hood' as well as a support section for more detailed questions. 

Technical website ↗

Remote Deployment

Fewer people on site.

MobiusFlow® can also be used on closed networks when outside access is blocked or unavailable, such as Airports or Secure Installations.

Combine multiple use cases

Uses a single, simple platform.

Cost reductions through business intelligence, improve efficiencies though a single source of data. Building analytics and employee health enables bigger business benefits.

Local control and decision making

Reduces waste.

Having the option to react quickly can improve efficiencies and significantly reduce downtime on machinery and equipment.

Easy to use and deploy

Flow based low code programming.

Staff training allows a reduction of external input lowering cost of ownership.

Third Party Integration

Open / Easy / Simple.

Easy to adopt bidirectional IoT data to and from multiple sources. 

Single Infrastructure

Saving multiple use cases.

Cost and complexity reduction by using one system to collect and control data providing lower cost of ownership.

Not just IoT device monitoring

Analyse, React and Control.

Independence from internet allows action based control. Example: Water leak detection automatically shuts off water valve. Occupancy sensor controls lighting and HVAC based on usage.

Instant IoT Capability

Rapid Deployment.

By using industry standards and open protocols you can introduce IoT within your organisation quickly.

Node-RED embedded.

Used by engineers.

Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. Used by engineers to visualise how a solution flows and create actions based on this flow.