Car Ferry deck monitoring

door closed status monitoring on every ferry journey.
21 February 2023 by
MobiusFlow, Ben Hargreaves

Project Description:

A Ferry operator based in the South of England used to carry out manual door checks on every ferry journey to make sure all doors were closed for the duration of the journey. IAconnects were asked to provide a door monitoring solution and the sensors need to be suitable for exposure to outdoor elements.

The doors on the car decks were open to the elements including freezing temperatures, rain, snow and salt water and the devices required must be wireless, but able to report the open/closed status as live data.

IAconnects engineered a device specifically for this client which comprised an analogue door contact and wireless EnOcean transmitter to provide a live binary status back to a 4G MobiusFlow gateway, visualising the data on a dashboard with scheduled reports also set up.

Solution Included:

  • MobiusFlow IoT Edge Gateway
  • EnOcean PoE Connector 
  • MobiusFlow Cloud 
  • MobiusFlow View Application

The ferry provider is now able to remotely live check all doors from onboard the ferry and also back at the base office. This saves regular checks whilst on board and the automated reports allow the admin team to provide regular updates upon request.

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