MobiusFlow Connector

Wireless Sensors Made Easy

Send and receive data to and from EnOcean and Workplace Occupancy sensors and actuators

What does it do?

MobiusFlow Connector

The Connector for Wireless Sensors is a wireless sensor interface expander for the MobiusFlow Gateway or MobiusFlow Virtual Cloud Gateway. It sends and receives data between a range of wireless sensors and actuators, and a MobiusFlow Gateway.

The connector has multiple options for both upstream and downstream connectivity.

All data telegrams are checked for integrity before being securely forwarded to a MobiusFlow Gateway. In addition to TLS, each connector is configured with a pre-shared key ensuring that it is paired with the correct gateway. 

How does it work?


The Wireless Sensor Connector collects data from sensors and sends data to actuators via standard wireless sensor protocols such as EnOcean and Workplace Occupancy, and sends this data securely to a MobiusFlow Gateway or MobiusFlow Virtual Cloud Gateway using the MQTT based MobiusFlow Sensor Protocol.

Once the data has been received by a MobiusFlow Gateway it is decoded and the associated MobiusFlow object is updated with the latest sensor readings which can then be processed by the gateway.

Product Details

Item Description Comments
1 Ethernet port and PoE Supply
2 5 to 24vdc screw terminals
3 USB power
4 Configuration button Push and hold to enter config mode or factory reset
5 Power OK indicator Connector is powered
6 5 to 24vdc power OK
7 USB power OK
8 PoE power OK
9 MobiusFlow® connected Connected to MobiusFlow® gateway
10 Network connected (upstream) Network connection established
11 Module present in slot 1
12 Module 1 activity Flashes when module 1 sends or receives data
13 Module present in slot 2

14 Module 2 activity
Flashes when module 2 sends or receives data

How do you configure it?

Quick and Easy


All you need is a web browser on any WiFi enabled device

The Configure Network page has the following options:

Select Network Type - select the upstream connection method. Options are WiFiWired Ethernet​. WiFi settings sections will become visible at the bottom of the page if you select WiFi.

Timeout - the connector will attempt to connect to your network and your Mobius gateway. If it is unable to connect within this time it will reboot and try again

Select TCP/IP Mode - select via DHCP or Manually to choose how TCP/IP settings are configured. If you select DHCP the TCP/IP settings section below will be hidden

TCP/IP Settings - this section will only be visible if you have selected to manually assign an IP address. Set the IP addressSubnet MaskNetwork Gateway and DNS Server addresses for your network

WiFi Settings - this section will only be visible if you have selected to WiFi Network as the connection type. Enter the WiFi SSID and Password. You can scan for networks to see a list of available WiFi networks. Choosing one from the list will populate the SSID field

Save - click Save to save these settings

Cancel - click Cancel to ignore any changes

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