MobiusFlow Middleware is agnostic up and down your stack.

Expand your opportunities by providing a limitless middleware platform designed for layered solutions.

How does it work?

MobiusFlow Effortlessly Extracts Data & Converts It Into a Readable Format

Once normalised, the middleware's built-in logic and device drivers enable seamless bidirectional data handling—simultaneously sending data for analysis to building management systems, the cloud, or other 3rd party apps.

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MobiusFlow middleware | Image: Illustrated diagram of how middleware collects and normalising data
MobiusFlow middleware | Image: Diagram of how middleware connects sensors and IoT devices

One System, Many Data Feeds

Commissioning and connecting sensors, controllers, and IoT devices is complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

MobiusFlow streamlines the process by normalising the data from each device, simplifying the commissioning of devices, and outputting easy-to-read data to local or cloud-based services.

  • Non-Manufacturer-Specific Devices
  • Open Protocols
  • Reduced Commissioning Costs
  • Scalable
  • Local Connectivity as well as Wi-Fi / Cellular / Cloud 

Is MobiusFlow secure?

Securing Your Solutions

The expanding IoT landscape necessitates careful integration to mitigate security risks.

Implementing non-standard protocols requires caution, emphasising the importance of open standards and discouraging proprietary solutions. Interoperability and well-defined non-IP networking standards are crucial for seamless integration with legacy infrastructure, promoting industry clarity.

MobiusFlow facilitates secure IoT integration across diverse protocols, services, and third-party connectivity. As well as providing API connectivity to and from 3rd-party applications, utilising multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructure.

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What are the benefits?

Features and Benefits of Using MobiusFlow Middleware

The MobiusFlow ecosystem evolves based on client requirements and runs a library of standard and customer-specific code (or nodes) to allow connectivity of an ever-increasing number of sensors and control systems, including:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting Controls
  • Office Work Flows -- including people sensors and door entry systems
  • Retail Outlets 
  • Manufacturing Monitoring Equipment

For an in-depth view of MobiusFlow, we have a technical website documenting what is 'under the hood' as well as a support section for more detailed questions. 

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Image: Diagram showcasing how MobiusFlow middleware connects applications and sensors using various protocols
secure middleware | Image: demo of middleware connecting sensors