How does it work?

From normalising the data to creating actionable insights with MobiusFlow.

How does it work?

MobiusFlow takes data from a wide range of sources and devices then converts it into an easily readable format.

Once your data has been normalised, it can then be processed. Contained within MobiusFlow is logic, local control and device drivers which can handle the data in both directions - simultaneously sending data for analytics to dashboards or third party software in the cloud or delivering instructions to control devices based on the response from those analytics.  

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Any device?

Protocol Agnostic

There are many different protocols used for transferring data globally so it would be wrong for us to say we can connect anything to anything, however, the beauty of MobiusFlow is the ability for users to write new device drivers and application servers within it to translate new and existing protocols, either by yourself or via one of our resellers. 

We have embedded Node-RED (an open source flow editor used by engineers), and have a well documented API to allow third party systems to be connected. In addition, our MobiusFlow connectors for LoRaWAN, EnOcean and Workplace Occupancy to simplify connection of these protocols.

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What are the technical benefits? 

MobiusFlow is a control and communication middleware solution.

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • A complete control and communications platform.
  • Microservice based architecture.
  • Secure, open protocol based on MQTT.
  • Node-RED embedded. 
  • Scalable to 1000s of devices.
  • Platform and language independent.
  • Does not depend on a network connection for local control.
  • Provides full discovery of nodes, objects and resources in all directions.
  • Pub / Sub change of value notifications.
  • All sensor and actuator data is normalised from any source such as OPC UA / BACnet / DALI / EnOcean / Analog / Digital etc. 

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Why use MobiusFlow?

Expand your existing solutions

As a commissioning engineer, system integrator, introducing MobiusFlow to your portfolio enables you to offer new sensors and devices to your existing user base as well as expanding your reach to new customers and offering additional solutions.

As a big data, visualisation or analytics company MobiusFlow can connect and collate the right data, to the right place, in the right format for your end users. Adopting MobiusFlow into your organisation can:

  • Low code, No Code.
  • Flow based interface for connecting Nodes.
  • Open new revenue streams.
  • Drive business efficiencies for you and your customers. 
  • Facilitate new business models.
  • Improve the way existing services are delivered across many different sectors.
  • Helps build a recurring revenue model.

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