MobiusFlow Lite - EnOcean Edition

Instant Smart Buildings

Just add EnOcean and MobiusFlow LITE to your Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points.

What does it do?

Room monitoring made simple.

A flexible, scalable solution using EnOcean sensors and control devices connected to the cloud via Aruba access points (APs). Reduce maintenance issues, improve service quality, increase building efficiencies and workplace productivity.

Utilising new and existing Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points to make your space smart.

Easily connect EnOcean self-powered sensors, switches, and controllers to new and existing Aruba Access Points.

Utilising the power of MobiusFlow LITE to curate the EnOcean data and push it to third party analysis and system control solutions to allow actionable insights such as automated responses to water leak detection, monitor people flow and maintain air quality. Some of the solutions available are:  

  • Office Occupancy
  • People Counting
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Air Quality
  • Smart Parking
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Lighting Levels
  • Facilities Management
What are the benefits?

Easily connects EnOcean self-powered sensors, switches, and controllers to the cloud or MQTT via Aruba Access Points.

Wireless, self-powered EnOcean sensors transmit their data to an EnOcean USB stick connected to a compatible MobiusFlow enabled Aruba Wi-Fi Access Point (AP). MobiusFlow then normalises or curates this data and distributes it to applications in the cloud such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub for analysis and actionable insights. 

Avoiding cabling and expensive installation costs, companies can use their existing IT infrastructure to quickly and easily integrate EnOcean sensors into their network via their Wi-Fi access point in compliance with security standards thanks to Aruba. 

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A typical set up can incorporate door / window sensors, people counters, vibration monitoring, energy consumption, light levels, air quality, lighting control and many more devices.

Can i see a demo?

Watch our overview video. 

Check out our overview video to see how simple it is to connect EnOcean devices to the cloud or output MQTT messages via an Aruba access point. 

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