MobiusFlow is agnostic, up and down your stack.

Don't be limited by your middleware, choose the best sensors for the job.

One system, many data feeds

Commissioning and connecting sensors, controllers and IoT devices is costly and time consuming, especially with multiple systems and protocols, it can also be very complicated.

MobiusFlow streamlines this process by normalising the data from each device, simplifying the commissioning of devices and outputting easy to read data to local or cloud based services.

  • Non-manufacturer specific devices
  • Open protocols
  • Reduced commissioning costs
  • Scalable
  • Local Connectivity as well as Wi-Fi / Cellular / Cloud 



Break free from batteries! - Energy harvesting ultra low power wireless sensors and actuators.


Low power, wide area, long range battery powered sensors..


The de facto standard for network connected IoT devices.

Modbus TCP / 485

Use Modbus over ethernet or a serial cable to communicate with industrial sensors and devices.


Looking to connect to your building's BMS system? It probably uses BACnet to communicate with external devices.


Connect to machines and industrial devices.


Pull data from other applications and the cloud. Integrate with existing platforms, get the latest weather or connect to your asset management system.

...and Many more

Contact us for details of the full list or to discuss a custom protocol


Microsoft Azure

IoT Hub or IoT Central.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IoT Core, Greengrass

IBM Watson

Use the power of IBM's AI powered question-answering machine

IBM Tririga and IBM Maximo

Enterprise level asset and building management

Splunk, Grafana, Datacake, Thingsboard and Many More

Dashboards and data analysis.


Occupancy and facilities management software

Your Custom Platform

If you have an API we can feed you data

Can't find the protocol or platform you are looking for?

or you need a custom driver? We can help, contact us for more information.