Digital Security

More devices, more risk.

Is MobiusFlow secure?

Securing your solutions.

The growth of IoT solutions brings further integration requirements as more devices provide further security risks unless addressed correctly.

Introducing non-standard protocols needs careful handling. From an industry perspective, standards must be open and any thought of developing a proprietary solution should be avoided. Interoperability is an essential element too of any new protocol so that it can make use of legacy network infrastructure. The definition and promotion of a well-defined set of non-IP networking standards avoids any uncertainty throughout the industry.

How is it secured?

Secure device management.

MobiusFlow enables secure IoT integration between multiple protocols, services and 3rd party connectivity. Understanding and enabling trust boundaries and compartmentalisation will provide further benefits.

Fleet management for all capable devices and adhering to encryption standards. MobiusFlow also provides API connectivity to and from 3rd party applications, utilising multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructure.

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