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Why use MobiusFlow and how can it benefit your organisation?

What does it do?

MobiusFlow enables 1000s of sensors and devices to be connected, controlled, and monitored.

Engineering new sustainability projects, enabling asset efficiencies or achieving Net Carbon Zero goals can come as quite a shock, and cost more than expected, especially when you factor in IT compatibility within your current organisation.

MobiusFlow diagram showing the flow of sensors and devices to the cloud

Cut energy use 10-30%

with smart climate control

source: (Navigant)

Slash lighting costs up to 90%

with intelligent controls

Source: (Dept. of Energy)

Reduce HVAC costs by 20%+

with smart occupancy-based heating / cooling

Source: (III Analytics)

Minimise water waste by 22%

with smart leak detection

Source: (EPA)

Cut parking search time

by 15 mins per day with smart guidance

Source: (Streetline)

What's the current problem?

The Global Issue

Monitoring your assets using different protocols, gateways and systems are creating a global issue when it comes to commissioning and controlling sensors and devices within buildings and infrastructure. Especially when trying to visualise this data and implementing cost cutting, reducing environmental impact or managing your assets. The current systems can be:

  • Complicated.
  • Have high Commissioning costs.
  • Use multiple gateways depending on manufacturer / devices.
  • Require multiple control systems.
  • Rely on cloud based systems to control and monitor individual devices using combined solutions.

Why is MobiusFlow the solution? 

MobiusFlow enables bidirectional communication between different systems and protocols.

As an end user or system integrator, enabling new and existing systems to communicate with each other can be very problematic and time consuming. As a building operator, asset owner or facilities manager you may be under the impression you need to start from scratch, however in many cases the data you need may already exist or simply require additional devices to scale or improve the quality of your system, this requires a true IoT system integrator using MobiusFlow to expose it.  

Can I build a proof of concept first? 

Scaleable from a single sensor to a multi-site organisation.

As a versatile IoT solution, MobiusFlow enables initial proof of concepts to be deployed quickly and easily, and once approved, can be scaled up to a full solution with different sensor types and services to compliment the initial system when required. This in turn reduces financial risk and provides maximum return on investment through continuous improvement of the system.

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Why use MobiusFlow?

Expand your existing solutions

As a system integrator, introducing MobiusFlow to your portfolio enables you to offer new sensors and devices to your existing user base as well as expanding your reach to new customers and offering additional solutions.

As a big data, visualisation or analytics company MobiusFlow can connect and collate the right data, to the right place, in the right format for your end users. Adopting MobiusFlow into your organisation can:

  • Open new revenue streams.
  • Drive business efficiencies for you and your customers. 
  • Facilitate new business models.
  • Improve the way existing services are delivered across many different sectors.
  • Helps build a recurring revenue model. 

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