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Global Lighting & Controls

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Global Lighting & Controls
Slinger WI 53086
United States
+1 800-916-6874

The GL&C team are experts on how to market lighting and lighting controls products through specification channels in the United States.

With this knowledge we've created a unique program to assist both domestic and international companies in marketing their products to architects and engineers in the United States with minimal capital investment.

GL&C is a "Master Sales Representation Agency" that through our network of local sales agents will market your products in every major U.S. market and will facilitate the process from specification to sale order.

Typically to create this type of sales structure and network from scratch, you would need to hire full time regional managers for the Pacific, Mountain, Great Lakes, Mid-South, Southeast and Northeastern territories. Regional managers in the lighting industry are typically paid a base salary ($100k+) and commission. The regional managers would then travel state to state and contract with local lighting rep agents to sell your product. This can be a very expensive and time consuming process

GL&C can create and manage this network for you in the shortest amount of time and with very little up front capital. GL&C is in effect a co-op for lighting and lighting controls manufacturers. We work with companies that have parallel products to yours who share our resources.