Connect, Control, Communicate

A scalable and affordable Internet of Things based solution.

What does it do?

MobiusFlow enables 1000s of sensors and devices to be connected, controlled, and monitored

MobiusFlow is a highly scalable middleware solution for connecting sensors, actuators, and data streams to applications such as dashboards, analytics, and databases.

Does it grow with my business?

Multiple use cases, multiple protocols, all combined in one place

MobiusFlow takes the data from different data sources and normalises it into one simple format, combining all of your solutions on a single platform.

Choose the best sensors from any supplier, choose the data platform that suits you. Our low-code, flow based environment allows you to define your data flow, pre-processing, and logic in a matter of minutes.

As your requirements grow, just add more sensors and data platforms. MobiusFlow® makes it easy to build multiple solutions using your existing infrastructure.

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What are the technical benefits? 

MobiusFlow is a control and communication middleware solution.

- some of the benefits are listed below:  

  • A complete control and communications platform
  • Microservice based architecture
  • Secure, open protocol based on MQTT
  • Node-RED embedded. 
  • Scalable to 1000s of devices
  • Platform and language independent
  • Does not depend on a network connection for local control
  • Provides full discovery of nodes, objects and resources in all directions
  • Pub / Sub change of value notifications
  • All sensor and actuator data is normalised from any source such as OPC UA / MQTT / LoRaWAN / EnOcean / HTTP(s) / BACnet, Industrial Controllers, BMS and HVAC Systems etc. 

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Where does it run?

Deploy anywhere

MobiusFlow is flexible, you choose where and how you want to deploy it.

Manage it yourself

Whether you want the security of an on-premises solution, running on one of your own servers or an edge gateway, or the simplicity of a cloud deployment we offer downloadable docker containers and click-to-deploy solutions to suit.

Let us manage it for you

For zero maintenance, fully managed, secured applications, we can host your MobiusFlow instances in the cloud. Just add sensors and you are ready to go.

Hybrid Applications

Some applications require a mix of on-premise and cloud deployments - run an instance in each of your buildings for peace of mind and combine the data from all buildings in the cloud - no problem! 

MobiusFlow is designed to route data securely between instances with built in discovery, change of value (cov) notifications and a store and forward engine for when your network connection is unreliable.

How do I manage my instances?

Manage remotely

Securely manage all of your sensors, flows, data endpoints and logic from the comfort of your desk with any web browser.

Use the MobiusFlow API to update the configuration, send commands, and collect data and status information from your own applications and databases.

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