University Campus Monitoring

Monitor people traffic across two campuses, pulling the data into their Power BI platform

A UK University had a requirement to monitor people traffic across two campuses, pulling the data into their Power BI platform. The Facilities Management (FM) team at the University wanted to analyse the data to understand where the high and low usage areas are, using the data to plan other actions such as bathroom cleaning rotas. The project scope was updated during the covid-19 pandemic to include CO2 monitoring and other indoor air quality monitoring.


The University FM team had no way of monitoring people flow and traffic in common areas and bathrooms, resulting in student complaints regarding lack of space availability and bathrooms not being cleaned regularly. The additional issue of reducing people traffic and monitoring the CO2 levels during the pandemic became an urgent requirement so buildings could remain open to those that needed access.


Our approved system integrator configured a multi-protocol solution including PoE people counters in common areas in multiple buildings across two campuses, alongside smart display screens outside bathroom areas to advise on whether entry is allowed or if cleaning is required. For accessible bathrooms, we added a magnetic door contact to understand when these areas were in use. Indoor air quality monitors were added in common areas to monitor CO2 levels. If levels increased to a medium or high level, alerts were sent to the FM team and building managers. All data was processed and at the edge using MobiusFlow, with all requested data sent to the University’s Power BI dashboard for further analysis and reporting.

Solution Included:

  • MobiusFlow IoT Edge Gateway 
  • EnOcean Connector 
  • MobiusFlow Cloud
  • PoE People Counters 
  • Wi-Fi Indoor Air Quality Monitors 
  • 2.2” smart display screens 
  • EnOcean magnetic door contacts 
  • Power BI Platform for Data Visualisation, Analysis and Reporting


The University are now able to understand people traffic and usage data in all key common areas and bathrooms, providing real time updates for users via smart display screens. Air quality data is also monitored with automatic alerting in place when levels change outside of parameters set by the FM team. The University also continues to send data processed at the edge by MobiusFlow, into their Power BI platform for further analysis, reporting and visualisation.

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