Optimising Food Production With Remote Data Monitoring

Monitor and visualise water pressure, temperature, and humidity data during cheese production.

An artisan cheese producer faced the challenge of monitoring and visualising crucial parameters within their creamery, including temperature, humidity, and water pressure. Their goal was to establish remote data monitoring capabilities --  complete with a user-friendly dashboard in the cloud, providing real-time data displays and insightful reports. 

Here's how they were able to integrate MobiusFlow middleware for seamless data communication and simple off-site monitoring

How Middleware Optimises Food Production With Remote Monitoring


A growing food-manufacturing business wanted to decrease the need for manual paper checks and be able to reduce their carbon footprint via paper usage. To do this, they not only needed digital humidity, water-pressure, and temperature sensors, but they also required the ability to remotely check data and create alerts if levels move outside of the set parameters.

Smart food production using remote data monitoring with middleware | Image: Middleware diagram with MobiusFlow logo at the top

The System Integrator provided a LoRaWAN-based solution, including temperature and humidity sensors as well as separate water-pressure sensors installed in multiple areas of the creamery. If levels increased or decreased beyond set parameters, alerts were sent to the employees. All data was processed and at the edge using MobiusFlow software, with all data visualised and reports created in MobiusFlow View.

Custom IoT Solution Included:

  • LoRaWAN Connector 
  • MobiusFlow Cloud 
  • LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensors 
  • LoRaWAN Water-Pressure Sensors 
  • MobiusFlow View Platform 

Benefits of Remote Data Monitoring in Smart Food Production

The smart food production company can efficiently monitor occupancy levels in bathroom and kitchen areas whilst having the ability to create flexible cleaning rotas based on usage. The organisation also continues to send data -- processed at the edge and visualised in MobiusFlow -- for live data views, analysis, and reporting.

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