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Monitoring shared office space

A Facilities Management Consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland work in a shared office space but have their own bathroom and kitchen facilities. They have four sets of bathrooms (Male, Female and Accessible) at either end of two floors and one kitchen on the 1st floor. Due to covid-19 regulations in place at the time, the consultancy had a legal requirement to monitor the amount of people in all of these areas, whilst also providing real time Entry Allowed (Green) or No Entry Allowed (Red) indicators.

The toilets were all individual cubicles so any camera based solutions they had previously looked at were not possible. There were also restrictions on the amount of devices allowed to be installed, therefore the occupied status had to be shown in an application rather than on a physical device.

Our approved system integrator configured a multi-protocol solution including PoE people counters in the kitchen area and magnetic people counters positioned at the entrance to each bathroom cubicle. We also provided a basic occupancy dashboard within MobiusFlow, accessible by all employees.

Solution Included:

  • MobiusFlow IoT Edge Gateway 
  • EnOcean PoE Connector 
  • MobiusFlow Cloud 
  • EnOcean Magnetic Contacts
  • PoE People Counters 
  • MobiusFlow View Application  

The FM company are able to monitor occupancy levels in bathroom and kitchen areas whilst having the ability to create flexible cleaning rotas based on usage. The organisation also continues to send data processed at the edge and visualised in MobiusFlow, for live data views, analysis and reporting.

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