Enhancing User Satisfaction With Middleware Car Park Monitoring

Power utility company wanted to display available parking spaces and location for ease of use.

A power utility company wanted to display available parking spaces and locations to reduce carbon emissions and improve employee experience on their journey to the office. To accomplish this goal, they required an efficient car park monitoring and display system that offered real-time updates. 

Here's how they were able to integrate MobiusFlow middleware for an effective smart parking solution with seamless data communication and display

Boosting Employee Satisfaction With Smart Parking Middleware Solutions


Staff and customers entering off-street parking facilities had no idea where the nearest available spaces were located. This caused the frustratingly slow drive around each row or level as well as people entering the parking facility when there were zero spaces available, resulting in congestion.


Install LoRaWAN parking sensors in each parking space with one base station covering up to 15km. Feed the data into two versions of an application, one for users and one for asset managers.Smart Parking Middleware Solutions using MobiusFlow with LoRaWAN car park sensors - Diagram

Solution Included:

  • MobiusFlow Cloud
  • LoRaWAN Connector 
  • LoRaWAN Parking Sensors
  • MobiusFlow View or 3rd party Application

Benefits of Car Park Monitoring & Display

Real-time, per-space parking availability is available to users via an application as well as to the asset management team. Predictive algorithms driven by MobiusFlow also inform drivers of space availability and real-time directions to available spots, enforcing occupancy limitations to avoid congestion and frustration for users.

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