The Importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Credentials

How to Keep Your Stakeholders, Consumers, Investors, and Governments Happy
11 July 2023 by
MobiusFlow, Ben Hargreaves

Your stakeholders are increasingly basing their decisions on your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials. Consumers are picking brands that are ethical and have a good track record on climate change. Investors are favouring businesses with robust ESG frameworks. Governments are also implementing regulations that require organisations to increase transparency in areas such as diversity, equal pay, carbon emissions, and modern slavery. This makes your ESG efforts crucial to long-term value creation and growth. 

Why ESG Credentials Are Important

Businesses with sustainable initiatives are more likely to attract customers, investors, and talent. They are also less likely to be exposed to ESG-related risks, such as regulatory fines or reputational damage.

Some specific examples of how implementing ESG practices can positively impact your business include:

  • Customers: Eco-conscious  consumers are increasingly choosing brands that share their values, prioritising high ESG ratings. According to a recent study, around 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from sustainable brands.
  • Investors: ESG investing has become a major focus of individuals, firms, and businesses looking for new ventures. More than ever before, investors are looking for businesses that are committed to long-term value creation by managing their ESG risks effectively. These backers are willing to pay a premium for shares in eco-friendly businesses.
  • Regulations: Governments around the world are increasingly implementing regulations that require organizations to disclose their ESG performance. These regulations can have a significant impact on businesses that are not prepared to comply, like fines, lawsuits, and even jail time

By taking ESG considerations seriously, you can position your business for long-term success by attracting customers, investors, and talent. Additionally, prioritising sustainability can reduce your company's exposure risk and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

How Can MobiusFlow Help You Earn ESG Credentials? 

Measuring and understanding your current environmental impact is key, from building usage and people flow to energy consumption, air quality and waste. MobiusFlow can connect and collate your data from new and existing systems -- as well as two-way control of devices -- to help build a detailed picture of your current footprint, enabling you to make decisions on reducing consumption and overheads.

esg credentials with IoT middleware - Mobius Flow

What Is MobiusFlow? 

MobiusFlow is an IoT middleware that connects, controls and communicates with 1000s of sensors, monitoring and control devices to provide actionable insights and automated responses within your organisation. The component was developed and successfully deployed globally over the span of 17 years by engineers with first-hand experience in project management and installation such as CBRE, Ingram Micro, IAconnects, TD Synnex and IBM.

How Does It Impact ESG Ratings?

The middleware component connects all your monitoring devices -- from lighting sensors to leak detection monitors -- and turns the data into readable information for your chosen monitoring system. As a result, you can set up automated rules to reduce energy and water waste. The insights provided can also help identify points that need improvement, which would otherwise be overlooked. 

Achieving ESG Credentials With IoT Middleware

Adding MobiusFlow can help provide all the information a business needs to meet its sustainability goals and achieve ESG credentials. Not only does the component provide valuable insights, but it's also scaleable and agnostic. So, it works with the devices you already have in place. It's also quick to spin up and can be installed remotely, helping you reach your green business goals quickly and efficiently. 


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