Net Zero Emissions: What it means for you and your business?

and how can MobiusFlow help

The UK is committed to reducing greenhouse gasses by 68% by 2030 to reach net zero by 2050. 

This means that businesses and organisations urgently need to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints... MobiusFlow can help. 

New technologies offer some of the quickest ways to become more sustainable, including by monitoring:

  • Energy consumption 
  • Air quality 
  • People flow 
  • Waste reporting
There are a number of ways that businesses can achieve net zero emissions. These include:  
  • Reducing emissions: switching to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and changing transportation practices. 
  • Offsetting emissions: invest in projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, such as tree planting or carbon capture and storage.

What are the benefits of achieving net zero emissions?  

  • Reduced costs: Reducing emissions can lead to reduced energy costs and other overheads. 
  • Increased market share: Companies committed to sustainability are likely to gain market share. 
  • Improved reputation:  Better reputation with customers, investors, and employees. 

What is the government doing to support businesses? 

  • Tax breaks: For businesses that invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Grants: Grants for businesses that invest in projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 
  • Regulations: Regulations that will require businesses to reduce their emissions.

What can you do to help your business achieve net zero emissions?  

  • Get started: The first step is to get started. Talk to your team about net zero emissions and start to identify opportunities to reduce your emissions. 
  • Set targets: Set targets for your business to reduce emissions. These targets should be ambitious but achievable. 
  • Take action: Take action to reduce your emissions. Get an understanding of your current impact and practices. 
  • Track your progress: Track your progress towards your emissions reduction targets. This will help you to see how you are doing and make adjustments as needed.

How can MobiusFlow help you make these changes? 

Measuring and understanding your current environmental impact is key, from building usage and people flow, to energy consumption, air quality and waste. 

MobiusFlow can connect and collate your data from new and existing systems, as well as two-way control of devices to help build a detailed picture of your current footprint, enabling you to make decisions on reducing consumption and overheads.

What is MobiusFlow? 

MobiusFlow connects, controls and communicates with 1000s of sensors, monitoring and control devices to provide actionable insights and automated responses within your organisation.

Developed and successfully deployed globally with many projects over the past 17 years by engineers with first-hand experience in project management and installation such as CBRE, Ingram Micro, IAconnects, TD Synnex and IBM.


Join Us! We are expanding our network of system integrators and value add resellers. 

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