We are the string - the drivers, the logic, and the control.

For System Integrators

Our Middleware, Your Solution

Unleash the potential of agnostic middleware to achieve business success. We are looking for System Integrators, Innovators and Solution Providers to join us on our journey expanding the MobiusFlow digital ecosystem.

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Non-protocol specific

MQTT, EnOcean, LoRaWAN -- plus many others curated and transferred to you.


Compatible Devices

Capture data from 1000s of sensors and control devices on multiple protocols.


From 1 device to 1000s

From a simple proof of concept to a global rollout. Start small, scale as required.



Developed by engineers with first-hand experience in IoT installation.

Expand Your Market, Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Overheads.

We are actively seeking System Integrators, Innovators and Solution Providers to integrate MobiusFlow middleware as a key component in your portfolio and open up new revenue streams with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Help your customers connecting, control, and communicate with their data and devices, along with realising their ESG strategy and NetZero goals.

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Instant Solutions, Enduring Success

Address your customers' immediate problems while also preparing for their future needs. MobiusFlow serves as a foundational infrastructure that other solutions can be built upon, enabling you to not only finish the current project but also generate additional revenue by easily adding new features in the future.

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Drive Revenue Growth with a Component Tailored to SIs

Open new revenue streams, drive business efficiencies, facilitate new business models, and improve the way existing services are delivered across many different sectors.

Accelerate Growth 

Add value to your client's current IoT setup through customisation and unique features without reinventing the wheel. 

Lower Costs 

Offer cost-effective solutions with agnostic middleware that works with any application and protocol.  

ESG Implications  

Help clients achieve their ESG goals through IoT control and automation with lighting controls, leak detection, and temperature monitors. 

Reduce Risk

Leverage our successful track record of proven results, minimising financial and technical costs for your clients. 

Expand Reach 

Increase customer potential for both new and existing users by offering a broader range of solutions. 

Connect & Collate 

Efficiently get data to the right place and in the right format for your customer's specific needs.

Quick to Spin-Up  

Quickly implement solutions with our low-code, no-code middleware that runs anywhere and connects to any device. 

Higher Returns 

Achieve higher profit margins with reduced development time and costs. 

Client Satisfaction 

Improve customer experience and build a positive reputation in the industry. 

Middleware used by System Integrators | Image: Visual diagram of how middleware
Connect, Control, Communicate.

Solve Integration Challenges and Propel Your Systems to New Heights 

Leverage Client Data Easily and More Efficiently. Bring together disparate systems and protocols into a unified dashboard, eliminating data silos and providing actionable insights. 

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Dive Deeper With These Middleware Resources for Forward-Thinking System Integrators 

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Ready to Connect Your World?  

Reduce development costs and optimise integration efficiency with a personalised solutions review! 

Achieve System Integration Excellence at Its Core 

How our middleware has helped businesses accomplish their connectivity goals