MobiusFlow Approved Hardware, IoT Devices and Sensors

In collaboration with our System Integrators and Solution Providers, our non exhaustive list of approved hardware, carefully selects components that ensure smooth compatibility and top-notch performance with MobiusFlow. By following this list, organisations can confidently choose hardware, knowing it's certified to work seamlessly with MobiusFlow. This minimises compatibility issues and maximises efficiency, as well as providing assurance and peace of mind, allowing organisations to create reliable and tailored solutions for their specific needs. 

If you would like to submit your products for inclusion in this approved list, please get in touch.  

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LoRa 2 Gang Thermocouple 868MHz
Detect temperature of the object and medium which thermocouple is contacted. This equipment is used to detect temperature of the object and medium whichthermocouple is contacted. It can be connected to two thermocouples for testing. LoRa is a wireless communication technology dedicated to long distance and low power consumption. Compared with other communication methods, LoRa spread spectrum modulation method greatly increases to expand the communication distance. Widely used in long-distance, low-data wireless communications. For example, automatic meter reading, building automation equipment, wireless security systems, industrial monitoring. Main features include small size, low power consumption, transmission distance, anti-interference ability and so on.

For additional information about this product, please feel free to reach out or explore our list of approved partners and suppliers. Let us help connect you with a System Integrator, OEM, Solution Provider or Data Consultant to assist you in seamlessly connecting, controlling, and communicating with your data, devices and realising your ESG strategy and NetZero goals.

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