Original Equipment Manufacturers

Escape the Cost of In-House Middleware Development 

​Integrate a white-label middleware solution into your portfolio and open up new revenue streams with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We are actively seeking OEM partners to join our journey expanding the MobiusFlow digital ecosystem. 

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we are the string - the drivers, the logic, and the control.

Non-protocol specific

MQTT, EnOcean, LoRaWAN plus many others curated and transferred to you.


Compatible Devices

Capture data from 1000s of sensors and control devices on multiple protocols.


From 1 device to 1000s

From a simple proof of concept to a global rollout. Start small, scale as required.



Developed by engineers with first-hand experience in IoT installation.

Save Time, Money, and Frustration Using a Pre-Built Component with History 

​Get to market quicker, reduce development costs, and reduce your technical risk with MobiusFlow.

Accelerated Time to Market 

Ready-made and easily customisable, our protocol-agnostic middleware expedites product readiness to ensure swift product launches.

Proven Track Record

Our middleware has been successfully utilised as a valuable component for projects across numerous industries, from smart buildings to mining, oil, and gas.   

Opportunity to Scale Revenue

Leverage our middleware solution for seamless integration and unlock scalable revenue opportunities for your OEM business.

Less Technical Risk 

The groundwork has been meticulously laid and validated over 17+ years. Think of MobiusFlow as your dedicated skunk works engineering department. 

Maximise Efficiency 

Empower your team to focus on their strengths so that no valuable time is wasted on tasks outside of their expertise.  

White Label  

Seamless integration ensures the component mirrors your own solution while our presence remains invisible.  

Mitigate Financial Risk

We've put it to the test, and it's proven effective! Plus, our pay-as-you-go model enables you to save money. 

Scaleable & Adaptable

Flexible and easily customisable, ensuring it can seamlessly adapt and grow as the industry does. 

Fresh Sales Channel Offering 

Get in front of your customers with a new and innovative tool, helping you grow your revenue.  

white label middleware | Image: Visual diagram of how middleware connects different industries

Connect, Control, Communicate.

Unleash Cost-Efficiency and Speed With White Label Middleware 

Access a custom-like solution without the hard work. 

Overcome the time, expense, and complexity of bespoke middleware development. MobiusFlow connects, controls, and communicates with 1000s of sensors, monitoring tools, and control devices to provide actionable insights and automated responses within your customer's organisation.

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Test, Approve, Scale.

Unlock Repeatable Success Like a Digital 'Cookie Cutter' for Rapid ROI!

Once a flow has been tested and approved (using simulated data / digital twin if required), the solution can be deployed, scaled and reused over and over like a 'cookie cutter' to ensure a return on your investment quickly. 

The ability to expand your solution with additional devices and solutions in the future enables your sales team to upsell and expand their target market with more products, technology and solutions without encouraging a 'rip and replace' mentality.

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Bidirectional Data Flow, Control and Analytics.

Simultaneously Direct Data for Analytics and Execute Control Instructions

Contained within MobiusFlow are logic, local control, and device drivers that can handle the data in both directions - simultaneously sending data for analytics to dashboards or third-party software in the cloud or delivering instructions to control devices based on the response from those analytics.

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