Why is being protocol agnostic important for solution providers and system integrators?

The ability to connect, control, and communicate with devices and systems is crucial for businesses across various industries. A fundamental aspect of this seamless integration is being protocol agnostic.

A Bable fish? A Universal Translator? Middleware? A Broker? What is it?

A bit of everything. Being Protocol agnostic refers to the ability of a system or device to work seamlessly with multiple communication protocols, regardless of the underlying technology or infrastructure. In the context of the internet of things (IoT), this means that devices can communicate and exchange data with each other (Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, EnOcean, Bluetooth, Power over Ethernet (PoE), MQTT etc), regardless of the specific protocols they use. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the best devices for their specific needs, without being limited by compatibility issues. 

For example you may wish to use LoRaWAN for long range estate management for daily updates on water quality or silo levels but use EnOcean in your offices to monitor desk occupancy and air quality on a minute by minute basis. Both are excellent systems but one is long distance, low power and the other is high frequency short range, so by combining these with MobiusFlow you end up with a very powerful, data accurate, reliable and robust solution all running through one system, enabling actionable insights, automated responses and a view of your assets all in one place.

Still not convinced?

Scalability and Flexibility

IoT solutions often start small, with a proof of concept (PoC) or a pilot project. However, as businesses grow and expand, their IoT needs may evolve and require a larger-scale implementation. Being protocol agnostic allows businesses to scale their IoT solutions seamlessly, from a single device to thousands, without major compatibility issues. This scalability and flexibility ensure that businesses can adapt and grow their IoT infrastructure as needed, without being constrained by specific protocols.

Future-Proofing and Interoperability

Technology is constantly evolving, and new communication protocols are regularly introduced. Being protocol agnostic future-proofs businesses' IoT investments by ensuring that their devices can adapt and work with new protocols as they emerge. This also promotes interoperability, allowing devices from different manufacturers and suppliers to work together seamlessly. This is crucial for creating a unified and efficient IoT ecosystem, where devices can communicate and share data effortlessly.

So why MobiusFlow?

Our vision started in 2004 (over 17 years ago!) as a commissioning solution to help our engineers install efficiently, quickly, reliably and securely. In turn we could take on more projects, reduce costs and offer a wider range of solutions.

With a lack of reliable solutions to help us, we started to build our own scalable system which evolved over time with a better user experience, better handling of code, and a better way of organising the way a building flowed digitally. Commissioning a wide range of devices became easier and we could pick the best products for the job rather than be limited to a specific protocol or system. 

Developed by our engineers with first-hand experience in project management and installation, now as a stand alone company, focusing on developing this advanced middleware, MobiusFlow is now an essential component for system integrators that empowers businesses to connect, control, and communicate with thousands of sensors, monitoring, and control devices, and has been successfully deployed as part of a number of solutions in various industries, including smart buildings, environmental monitoring, agriculture, healthcare and mining, by some of the biggest names in the business such as CBRE, TD Synnex, IAconnects, Ingram Micro and IBM.

MobiusFlow has been unleashed to the world, find out how you and your customers can connect, control and communicate with assets, systems, devices and data and benefit from a unified digital ecosystem.

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