Building a Strong Energy Consulting Business: Incorporating Middleware Solutions

With rising energy prices and the cost of living crisis, energy management has become a critical concern for businesses across multiple industries. As a result, many professional consultants have turned their priority to energy monitoring and ESG goals. However, building a strong energy consulting business comes with its own set of obstacles -- primarily in the form of accessing comprehensive and actionable data. Here's a closer look at how incorporating intelligent components, like MobiusFlow, can take your consultancy services to the next level.  

How Middleware Empowers Energy Consultants

Using Comprehensive and Granular Data for Informed Decision-Making

As an energy consultant, having access to granular data is crucial for making informed decisions and helping clients cut costs through reduced energy waste. MobiusFlow can connect sensors, devices, and legacy systems that monitor energy consumption across multiple sites, such as server rooms, factories,  and offices. It can also track the performance of multiple buildings in the same area, like a school campus. This level of data granularity allows you to compare consumption patterns across different appliances or machines, enabling you to identify energy-saving opportunities.

For example, by analysing the data collected from a client's appliances or machines, you can determine how certain shifts affect energy usage. This insight can help you develop tailored strategies for optimising energy consumption and reducing costs. By pushing this data into visualisation tools, such as Microsoft Azure, Thingsboard, or simple data-driven dashboards, you have total visibility of your clients' sites, regardless of their location. This comprehensive data empowers you to provide accurate and customised advice to your clients.How to build a strong energy consulting business with middleware | Image: Illustration featuring data, sensors, and other monitoring devices

Demonstrating Direct Savings Through Meaningful Comparisons

One of the challenges energy consultants face is convincing clients to make changes or investments in energy solutions. Without tangible evidence of the benefits, clients may be reluctant to take action. Using MobiusFlow to connect all of your client's disparate systems enables you to make meaningful before-and-after comparisons that demonstrate direct savings, persuading them to adopt energy-saving measures.

Reducing Environmental Impact and Saving Costs

Another top responsibility of energy consultants is helping clients reduce their environmental impact and save costs. With energy prices continuing to rise, any reduction in energy consumption can have a significant financial impact. For instance, in food retail, refrigeration accounts for approximately half of electricity bills on average, while lights account for 27 percent. MobiusFlow can be configured to operate as an automated energy-saving measure that can help your clients save costs on a daily basis. 

For example, a restaurant chain wanted to reduce its electricity consumption by 20 percent. By working with the manufacturer specifications on each refrigeration unit, MobiusFlow automatically switched off the elements for four hours unless accessed by staff or the temperature raised above acceptable levels. By setting rules that optimise energy usage, you can eliminate energy inefficiencies and help your clients save both money and the environment.

Building a Successful Energy Consulting Business With Middleware

By incorporating middleware solutions, like MobiusFlow, energy consultants can provide actionable data with a long list of benefits, including:

  • Simplifying utility bill management
  • Enabling meaningful before-and-after comparisons
  • Enhancing reporting capabilities
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Streamlining workflows

Such results are an essential part of building a successful energy consulting business, leading to ongoing client recommendations and a top-notch reputation. 

Embrace the power of MobiusFlow middleware to save energy, reduce environmental impact, and build a strong energy consulting business! Reach out to learn more. 


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